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Are you ready to rock? This is your backstage pass to some of the hottest music, videos, and more – all with a positive message. Plus, we’ll be constantly adding exclusive interviews with some of your favorite bands as well as some bands you’ll want to get to know.

Band interviews
We’re taking our camera backstage to find out what band members have to say about real life and real issues.

Music reviews
Love it or hate it? We’ll tell you what we think of the latest music and you tell us if we’re right or wrong.

Video reviews
We post it, you review it. From the hard-hitting to the wacked out, this is where you get your say on what’s hot and what’s not.

Book reviews
Get our insight track before you buy. We’ll let you know if it’s worth your time or not worth a dime.

TVU is where music is going. Watch videos with a positive message and check out the “Ten Most Wanted”.

Full-force music, 24/7. Everything from hip-hop to hardcore, all with a positive message that will shake your world.