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Introducing Fireflight

Tricia Brock from Superchic[k] TFL exclusive!


“I’d say from my own experience through high school, that I chose to reach out to the people in my school. I didn’t do the popularity game, thinking I’m going to be cool, I’m going to date boys or go to parties, or whatever it takes to get to the top. I mean, this wasn’t me. I think it was a passion that God put in me to look around me and see what other people are going through, and to reach out to new kids and to kids who got picked on, and through that I stopped thinking about myself as much. And the only reason I think I was able to keep the perspective I did and really have the standards is that because, from a young age, I was in the Bible. I knew that to be drawn to God was the only way to purity—I knew that, to know more of God and to see God more was the only way I was going to be different.”

“We can be that kid who picks on other kids and laughs at them to get a laugh, or we can be the person who goes against the crowd and stands up for somebody who’s too insecure to stand up on their own. And those choices that we make are just little steps, but they’re why we wrote our song, ‘Hero’, because it’s the choices that we make that are the things that define us. Every moment is precious, and every situation that God puts us in is an opportunity, but we only see it that way, if, at the beginning of the day, we’ve said, OK, God, today is yours, do some really cool stuff in my life—and He will.”

James Meade – Kutless TFL exclusive!
james-kutlessTyler Dolysnky – Manic Drive TFL exclusive!

Unfortunately, we live in a time in which people perceive life to be something other than what it is plainly understood as. The very act of sexual intercourse, which is directly related to the production of children, has been poisoned – people can veto the very life which their original decision was designed to produce. This is one of the greatest moral and social crimes that is being done in the name of pro-choice.

This is such a violent crime because not only does this choice affect the unborn human, but it heavily wears upon the individual making the decision. What many campaigns of pro-choice fail to mention is the absence of adequate support to the individuals who abort their children. Many of the pro-choice supporters will state that various programs have been created to help combat the utter shame, guilt, and suicidal thoughts which accompany such a choice… however, they forget it takes a lifetime of support from caring individuals who have gone through similar situations to truly help comfort those who unfortunately have made such “pro-choice” choices.

To further highlight this point, in my own personal life I have met individuals who have made these decisions. One which particularly sticks out is a female who aborted her child, and to this day, years after, is still haunted by the days she runs into her ex-boyfriend whom she got pregnant with, and the day in which she found out she was pregnant and ultimately the day in which the child was to be born. She is still filled with much shame and guilt. However, she has just started to understand why the Good News that Jesus brought is really good news. She’s beginning to understand what the Lord has for her: His forgiveness, His plan to change her life, and ultimately – to glorify Himself in this dark area of her life.