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Have a Plan

Teen pregnancy has serious consequences, both physical and emotional. If you want to avoid them, you need to have a plan. So start by thinking it through carefully. Though there are a variety of ways teens may think they can avoid pregnancy, abstinence (not having sex at all) is the only 100 percent effective, foolproof method to keep from getting pregnant.

Lots of people are practicing abstinence these days, whether or not they’ve had sex in the past. Half of high school students have never had sexual intercourse. In fact, the majority of teenagers, even those who started having sex when they were younger, think teens should wait until they’re older.

Facts About Abstinence

Not everybody is doing it. Less than half of teens reported having ever had sex as of 2005.

Teens do not think it is embarrassing to say they are virgins. Almost three-quarters of teens don’t think it’s embarrassing to admit being a virgin.

Most teens who have had sex wish they had waited. Almost 70 percent of teens regret having had sex as early as they did.

Teens are eager for a strong abstinence message. Ninety-four percent of teens say they want a strong message to abstain until at least after high school.

Approval of premarital sex among teen boys is declining.

College freshmen are less likely to approve of casual sex. Sixty percent of college freshmen do not think it is okay to hook up with a casual acquaintance.

Tips from Other Teens for Avoiding Pregnancy

Young people are in overwhelming agreement that teen years shouldn’t be about pregnancy, parenting, midnight feedings, and changing diapers. To help others avoid these things, here’s what teens from all over the country have to say to other teens…

Thinking “it won’t happen to me” is stupid.

Just because you think “everyone is doing it,” doesn’t mean they are. Some are, some aren’t — and some are lying.

There are a lot of good reasons to say “no, not yet.” Protecting your feelings is one of them.

You’re in charge of your own life — don’t let anyone pressure you into having sex.

You can always say “no” — even if you’ve said “yes” before.

If you’re drunk or high, you can’t make good decisions about sex. Don’t do something you might not remember or might really regret.

Not ready to be someone’s father? Don’t have sex.

Now you know the facts and have a plan.

Get involved and help other teens avoid pregnancy.