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Being a girl who leads

Warning: don’t read this book unless you’re ready to start a revolution. From “Ten Lies That Are Ripping Us Off” (including the lie that you can do anything you want short of having sex and still be pure) to “Lessons From a Dirty Band-Aid” (a stark look at the disease-bearing dangers of premarital sex), author Shannon Kubiak Primicerio is calling for real leaders to step up to the plate by refusing to compromise, to stop being fake, and to go against the flow even when it’s not popular. “Being a girl who leads isn’t about being in ministry or in a labeled leadership role,” writes Primicerio. “It’s about how you live your life. The world is full of followers and our generation is perishing as a result.”

At the end of the day, leadership is all about influence. If you’ve ever felt the pull to stand out from the crowd and turn your generation upside down, this is a must read .

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