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Boom: A Guy’s Guide to Growing Up has been around for a few years now but it still an “oldie-but-goodie” when it comes to addressing core issue facing the lives of every teenage guy. Marketed as a mission manual of sorts, Boom ventures where few books have gone before, even when it comes to addressing “the most secret, most scary, most embarrassing, most private guy issues.”

The truth is that books of this type come from two diametrically opposed perspectives: one pretends that guys are an animal-like machine unable to control personal choices, the other acknowledges that God does have a plan and that quality personal choices are signs of integrity and true manhood.

Topics covered by Boom include money management, discovering destiny, dating, making commitments to sexual purity, succeeding in high school, guarding against the dark side of the web, and even bodybuilding.

The section on peer pressure is worth the fifteen bucks alone for its advice on avoiding compromising peer situations before it’s too late, including thinking through all of the consequences in of poor decisions in advance and making an active plan to steer clear of lousy influences.

Boom was written by a bunch of guys who contribute to Breakaway magazine and is published by Tyndale House publishers.

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