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Chris and Conrad

Passion and artistry is at the heart of this debut album featuring Chris Kuti and Conrad Johnson. From its opening track “You’re the One”, Chris and Conrad draw you into a world of rock and worship with a depth of lyrical intensity that will have you alternating between singing along and soul-searching introspection. This album engages you all the way with songs like “Buried Alive”: we’ve all broken ground/take one look around/we’re in over our heads/but we keep digging down. In the honesty of “Let It Out” we hear: how long can you keep building/those walls around your heart/how long can you keep running/from who you really are. Tight production, a bright guitar-driven sound, and perfectly blended vocals combine to make this an album well worth a listen. Oh, yeah –as an added bonus you’ll get the Chris and Conrad documentary DVD “We Want A Revolution” giving you a behind-the-scenes look at producing the album. Great music and a documentary – what else can you ask for?

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