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Come What May review

Come What May is a compelling film about Caleb Hogan, a college freshman’s struggle to prepare a legal argument for reversing Roe vs. Wade as part of a national moot court competition. The trouble is, Caleb’s mom will refuse to pay his college tuition unless he wins the competition, and he is convinced that his argument will fail. If that’s not enough of a plot, Caleb begins to fall in love with his partner for the competition, while at the same time his mom’s legal work to represent abortionists in court begins to destroy her relationship with Caleb’s dad. More twists and turns follow, but we’ll decline to give more details at the risk of spoiling the surprises in store. Filmed on a shoestring budget with the assistance of hundreds of home school students and Patrick Henry College, this film is well worth a look. Come What May is now available on DVD nationwide or maybe ordered online.

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