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Do hard things: the power of courageous choices

You know that when Chuck Norris writes an intro for a book, it’s not a book for wimps. This book is a call to battle, a sounding of the alarm for a generation tired of seeing an adult world that’s all about comfort, escaping hardships, avoiding pain and dodging duty.

Written by Alex and Brett Harris, two 19-year-old twin brothers from Oregon, Do Hard Things is shattering the mold of dumbed-down books for teens written by adults without a clue. This book is written “for teens by teens who believe our generation is ready for a change.” And it all revolves around three little words: do hard things.

The Harris aren’t tossing around worn-out platitudes because they’re hoping to sell a book. They’re passionate about jumpstarting a revolutionary new way to approach life, and the passion leaps off of every single page. They challenge teens to raise the bar, to take scary steps, and crash out of comfort zones that hold you back from changing your world.

A real eyeopener is some of the real-life examples showing the low expectations for teens. For example, when the authors Googled “teens” and “expectations”, the subjects returned by Google included: teens and drugs, teens and alcohol, teens and smoking, teens and marijuana, and so on down the line.

Do Hard Things is not a casual read, it’s an in-your-face challenge to rise up from the cultural norms to turn your word upside down beginning with yourself. Grab a copy at your local bookstore today and let the rebellion begin.

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