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Generation Esther

Are you more than just a pretty face? God thinks so, and so does Lisa Ryan, a former Miss California and author of Generation Esther: Stories Of Young Women Raised Up For Such A Time As This. Ryan’s passion to see girls find a call worth living for – or even dying for – permeates every page of this book dedicated to every girl willing to stand against a culture that glorifies sex, apathy, and getting wasted.

Using as a basis the biblical account of a youthful Queen Esther saving her people from certain destruction, Ryan unfolds the stories of courageous young women today who are living lives of purpose and meaning. Motivating stories of purity, servanthood, and courage abound, but none are more breathtaking than the chapter about Danielle, Melissa, and Christin – three teens who have spearheaded a mission called Saving Arrows dedicated to helping women arriving for abortions to choose life for their babies.

“Because it was our brothers, our sisters, and our best friends who were killed before they were born, we have double responsibility,” Melissa explains. “We need to speak for the third of our generation that has died by abortion and we need to make sure we don’t do the same to the next generation.”

Generation Esther is published by Multnomah Press and is available at most bookstores.

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