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iStand: the power of courageous choices

This one year daily devotional is well planned, convenient resource that will literally rivet your focus how the choices you make everyday will impact your world. This isn’t unrealistic, sugary-sweet fluff. It’s a call to finding your personal place in everyday battles of life.

“Sometimes tasking a stand may be easy, especially when the choice is clear and our family and friends support us in the decision,” states the devotional’s intro. “At times, however, we may have to stand alone against formidable foes. That’s when we’ll know we are in a battle.”

Each day’s devotions follow a consistent format that includes “anchor points” on fundamental principles, “tough choices” that present difficult situations and God-honoring options, “your turn”, the prompting for you to decide how each lesson applies to you.

Included in the devotional is a study on the story of Moses and the bravery of those who helped to preserve his life as an infant in spite of the Egyptian decree to kill all male Hebrew children. “Even as far back as the time of Moses, people took a courageous stand so that unborn children could live,” reads the devotion. “You might be called upon one day to talk to a friend or coworker who is trying to decide whether to abort a child. What will you say?”

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