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Maafa 21 review

We don’t use the term “defining” lightly, but the new film Maafa 21 is without question the defining documentary on how abortion equates to black genocide in the United States and around the world. Maafa 21 painstakingly documents the horrific roots of the modern eugenics movement from the time of Charles Darwin to the present and shows how, without exception, African-Americans bear the brunt of the sociel elite. This isn’t popcorn-munching entertainment, but neither is it a poorly done film that can be dismissed as alarmist or unfair. Photos, newspaper clippings, and direct quotes make this film highly credible and disturbing. You’ll learn why civil rights leaders in the 1960’s understood that abortion and population control is aimed at the black community. You’ll learn why Democrats and Republicans alike share responsibility for abortion. And you’ll learn why some African-American leaders are awakening to what is happening to the black community today as a result of abortion. Maafa 21 contains scenes and language that might be disturbing and offensive, so it is strongly suggestd that you ask your parents before ordering a copy.

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  1. Rapnsum

    You have got to get this film. It was shocking and disturbing. Maafa21 is the best documentary I have seen on abortion and eugenics! It is well documented and will open the eyes of any critic to the fact that Planned Parenthood and abortion is targeting African Americans. Order a copy – order several – buy one for every black church, every white church, every friend and neighbor and journalist and politician. Get it: http://www.maafa21.com

  2. skoob

    I did think the film was to general. I know from reading many books about the feminist movement that Margret Sanger was not a racist she only used that avenue to get real policies for female suffrage.
    The movie depicts her as a racist and if we do a little more investigation we find the Urban League partnered with her to open the first clinic in Harlem.

    Please let me know if you believe otherwise.