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Submerged – Don’t Hide

Take a healthy dose of Barlowgirl, mix in a little Flyleaf, and you’ve got the basic ingredients for the sound you’ll find on Submerged’s debut EP Don’t Hide. Produced and co-written by Skillet’s Ben Kasica, Don’t Hide features some real flashes of brilliance and a knack for hooks that point to a bright future for this band. The band’s sound would be undoubtedly elevated by the major dollars that one of the big labels could provide, but for a starter project there is a lot to like. The most poignant song in the EP is without a doubt “The Beating of a Heart” which chronicles the sadness of an end of life journey: hands reaching, hearts beating/holding on to dear life/hope’s fading, doctors waiting/only a miracle can save her now. Forgivess for past mistakes is the theme of “Who I Used To Be”: the past has got me bound with chains/I’m not content to stay the same/help, I need you to get over it/what I did, I need you to forgive. Fans of female-fronted rock will find Submerged to be a diamond in the rough.

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