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Poem – Unborn

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

I’ll never see the sun or feel its warmth on my face.
Or look up at night into the vastness of space.
I’ll never see the rain, or the rainbow it brings,
I’ll never see winter, summer, or spring.

Some found me a burden,
Some found me a shame.
Some found me a punishment,
And an end to their game.

So seven people decided in a place far away,
That I have no rights and I have no say.
Others have trials and hearings at least,
But I get no trial and no final plea.

What was I to do in my life?
What was I to be?
You took from me my choice,
Before I could be.

You say I’m just tissue?
Like a heart or a bone?
Well, I also have tissue,
Different from your own.

God formed me in secret,
And He formed me with love.
He gave me a purpose,
And a plan from above.

The choice has been made
The deed has been done,
Guilt covers your heart like a cloud or’ the sun.
But no matter your past or the things you have done,
God’s forgiveness is found when you believe in His Son.

by Emily Gould Used by permission