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Marketed as a tool for every guy “looking for cheat codes and walk throughs for getting it right”, Jeffrey Dean’s newest book is all about straight talk, hard truth, and the road to manhood with advice on “what to do when you’re surrounded by actors and animals”, insights on why “who you hang with is who you become”, and a hard-hitting section on choosing purity instead of sex outside of marriage. Among the best reasons to focus on purity, Dean lists no guilt on your wedding night, mo unwanted pregnancy, and no worrying about “diseases that leave ugly-looking sores, spots, and warts that appear in very private places.”

This isn’t a brick meant for your head, it’s a workbook designed as a tool to guard your heart and mind while giving you courage to make the right decisions in life. Included at the end of each chapter is a special My Space section that challenges you with pointed questions and action steps based on what you’ve just read.

Watch This is published by Multnomah and is now available at many bookstores nationwide.

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