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Relationships are a normal part of life. Our first relationships are with people in our family—parents, sibs, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. As we grow, we form new relationships… friendships with people in our neighborhood, at church, and at school.

Friendships can become very close. The best are built on respect, trust, and honesty. These qualities are vital to a positive, life-affirming relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

Don’t let the media create your reality and undermine your self-confidence.

It can be hard to stay grounded in reality when the world around us sends false signals. TV shows and movies make it seem like having sex is just a normal part of growing up. But the truth is that more than half of all teens are abstinent (do not have sex). And they have very good reasons: Abstinence is the only 100 percent effective way to avoid pregnancy, to stay free from STDs, and to keep pure for the special person you will someday marry.

Self-confidence is the first step for a healthy relationship.

Here are some good ideas for keeping your confidence up.

Associate with positive, supportive people.
If your friends are constantly down on themselves or you, how can you keep a good attitude?

Don’t compare yourself to others.
So what if she has a new car and he’s pulling down straight A’s? You only see part of the picture. Never assume you’re worse off, unluckier, or less gifted than anyone else.

Stop putting yourself down.
Most people say things to themselves that they would never let a stranger (or even a close friend) say. Be your own advocate, not your own critic.

Know your maturity level.
Maturity inspires patience, tolerance, and a genuine willingness to work out problems—key ingredients to a healthy relationship.

How well do you know your mom?

Although you and your mother know each other well, there are probably things you don’t know about each other and would enjoy sharing. Click here for a fun quiz you and your mom can take.