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Inside Scenes

What’s it like to be a teen parent? What’s it like to make the courageous decision for adoption? What’s it like to be adopted? What’s it like to know that you gave your baby a chance at life? Every teen’s story is different. But when it comes to choosing life, they all have one thing in common: they understand that the best thing for their babies is the best thing for themselves, too.

Our Inside Scenes section is your opportunity to tell your story in your own way. Maybe you want to tell it by video. Maybe you want to write a poem. Maybe you even want to express yourself with music.

Whatver the avenue you want to take, there are millions of other teens around the world who can benefit from what you have to share.
To get started, take a few minutes to create your own Teens for Life home page. Then, upload your story, video, music, or whatever you are comfortable with. When you’re done, shoot us an email at editor@teensforlife.com and let us know you have an “Inside Scene” of your own that you want to share with the world.