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Breaking Up: Why Does it Hurt?

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Changes in communication. Increased conflict. Spending less time together. Physical or emotional abuse. These are some of the reasons to end a relationship. Or, you might simply find your individual goals, interests, emotional involvement or expectations have changed.

Sometimes, even though a relationship is clearly unhealthy, partners would rather stay together and be miserable than break up and be “alone.” This is potentially a huge pitfall. Staying with someone simply to avoid being alone can be extremely unhealthy. It rarely helps you to grow, nor does it give you the satisfaction you deserve in a relationship.

A breakup is tough to go through, especially when the other person does the breaking up. Suddenly, the places you went together seem awkward and strange. It seems like you have to get used to things all over again.

Unfortunately, this is a necessary (but painful) part of getting over a breakup. Meeting new people may seem about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. But don’t be discouraged; new relationships will develop in God’s perfect timing.

Think About It.

Breaking up with someone you’ve cared about is never easy. Lean on your family, your friends, and your hobbies during the tough times. Talk to people who love and care for you. Or distract yourself with books, movies, games, sports and other activities. You’ll be surprised how much it helps. It doesn’t seem like it now, but remember: this feeling won’t last forever.