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Waiting: Because You’re Worth It.

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Did you know that over 90 percent of teens believe it’s important to hear a strong message about waiting to have sex? What’s more, 60 percent who say they’ve had sex also say they wish they had waited. And 75 percent don’t see anything embarrassing about admitting they’re virgins. Clearly, teens see the merit in putting off sex and its many physical and emotional consequences.

Consider the Facts: Research shows…

  • Over half of all teens are not having sex, and among those who are, most regret it and wish they had waited. Unfortunately, teens who aren’t sexually active sometimes think they’re the only ones because they’ve bought the lie that everybody’s doing it.
  • Some teens lie about having sex. (When you think everybody except you is doing it, lying can seem like the easiest option.)
  • Surveys show that boys show significant respect (though often unspoken) for girls who remain virgins and resist pressure to have sex.
  • Among teens, eight out of ten first-time sexual relationships last 6 months or less, and one-fourth are one-time occurrences.

Think About it.

There are a million good reasons to put off having sex. One of the best is understanding that God designed sex for a committed, lifelong marriage relationship. Don’t feel pressured to have sex because you think your friends are having sex or because stars in TV shows and movies do it without consequences. Sex is a very personal, intimate expression of love designed to be shared in marriage. Never rush into it, and never let someone rush you into it.