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Your Future: Plan for it today

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No one knows what the future will bring but we all have some idea of how we want it to turn out. Whether your dreams include becoming an actor, starting your own company, or raising a family, here are things you can do now to help yourself achieve your goals:

Finish high school or (even better) college. More education means more financial security. And more financial security means less conflict about money and how to spend it…one of the top reasons couples give for divorcing.

Wait until your 20s or later to get married. Teens who marry are two to three times more likely to divorce.

Wait to have sex and kids until you’re married. Less than eight percent of teen moms marry the father of their child. Only 30 percent of teen moms who marry after the birth of their child are still in those marriages by the age of 40.

Think About It

You get only one life in this world. Plan to make the most of it. Stay in school, apply yourself, and prepare to be a success at whatever you choose to do. When the time is right for a relationship and commitment, you will be prepared to bring your best and experience the fulfillment you deserve.