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Basic steps for starting a TFL group

Starting Your Own Teens for Life Group

Now that you know why you should start a Teens for Life group, it’s time to get started! Every club worth its salt needs a core group to be its backbone.

Main Officers

The President:
The President presides at the meetings and is aware of all events and happenings. He is the overall head of state.

The Vice President:
The Vice President is the Second-in-Command. The Vice President fills in at any meetings that the President cannot attend. He also helps the president oversee and make decisions.

The Treasurer:
The Treasurer overseas funds, plans fundraising events, talks to possible sponsors, and plans the budget with the rest of the group and officers.

The Secretary:
The Secretary records all happenings at meetings and events.

There should also be four Committees consisting of:

Recruitment : To pass out literature, give presentations about the group in general get the word out to other teens.

Political Researcher: To keep the group up-to-date on the latest political happenings concerning abortion. Contact political leaders (senators, governors, President, etc) by letter, phone, and email concerning certain laws in the making, and arrange for the group to be present at an event to support a pro-life candidate.

Education: To take care of the educational part of the meetings; arrange to speak at schools, religion classes, churches, etc on the abortion issue. The education committee should plan peaceful demonstrations, and spread informative literature in churches, high-schools, colleges, libraries, etc.

Activity: To organize lock-ins, retreats, games etc at the meetings, participation in parades, etc.

In addition, the group should also elect a webmaster to oversee the email account, web page, myspace page, etc. All officers, Committee members, and webmasters should be elected once a year at a meeting.

Ask for nominations and then vote!

Why start a Teens for Life group?
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