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Meetings should be fun and informative. Sound easy? Trying to keep the mood relaxed but focused, everyone quiet and interested is sometimes very difficult. First of all, WHERE should you hold your meetings? Another good thing to consider is, do you want your group to be under the patronage of a school or church? How about the local chapter of Right to Life? If your area does not yet have a pro-life outreach program for teens, then they might be interested in helping you to undertake the starting of one. Find your local Right to Life Chapter by going to www.nrlc.org.

Pros and Cons of Being Under a Patron


Stronger foundation assuring survival
Reduced financial burdens.
You will have more adult involvement and help.
People will take you more seriously because your group is an affiliate of an oftentimes well-known and respected establishment.


You will probably have to discuss everything with your appointed adult leader, so you will not have as much freedom.

Being under the patronage of an establishment is probably the best thing for a young group. Look around, do research on different organizations. After you and/or your officers have selected one, give them a call. Start by telling your name, tell them you are a teen interested in starting a Teens for Life group in (say what county you’re in). Be sure that you already have a plan for starting one, ideas for meetings and activities, how much money you would need each year/month, and at least 5 people interested. Be very professional and pleasant.

Why start a Teens for Life group?
Starting a Teens for Life group in your community
Create your own Teens for Life home page
Officers Meetings