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Create your own TFL home page

The world today is dominated by the virtual world. The way for a group to be solidly established is to have an online presence. This is the Job of the Webmaster who should be chosen based on computer skills and experience.

Email Account:

The first online object any group needs is an email account. Start a list of email addresses to send events when, where’s, and why’s to. Make it a habit at every meeting, presentation, and activity, or any booths or functions that your group works at, to set out a sign-up sheet where people can put down their email addresses.

Teens for Life Website:

Create your own home page at the Teens for Life social network. Your homepage should feature a fun outline, pictures of other pro-life teens, and a brief opening message explaining what you’re all about. Above all, be creative! Your homepage is the first thing people see, if it isn’t interesting than they won’t visit other areas of the site. On other parts of the site, include a list of future events remembering to list where, when, and what, a question and answer about abortion, links to other pro-life websites, quick facts about abortion, quizzes, stories, sayings, and the contact information of one officer, probably the President. Myspace, Facebook, and other online communities are always good ideas for keeping members connected and informed. Be sure to include pictures, videos, slide shows, blog, and an energetic vibe! This is a good thing for all of the officers and some of the members to be involved in. The more people there are, the better and more numerous the ideas will be. Plus, it will be more fun! Make a party out of it by grabbing snacks and some comfortable chairs!

Why start a Teens for Life group?
Starting a Teens for Life group in your community
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