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There are many different ways of recruiting members to give fresh enthusiasm, new ideas, and energy to a group. For instance; teens are drawn to a group whose website is appealing and exciting, whose education is both fascinating and done in an inventive way, and who plans enjoyable activities. However, these are all in the charge of the webmaster, action committee, and education committee. What is it the recruitment leader can do exclusively for recruitment and awareness of the group?

Presentations at Christian Schools, Religion Classes, and clubs. A good idea would be to include the education committee who would give a presentation on abortion, how it began, and how it affects society. The presentation of the recruitment leader should be after this. Include the importance of teens in the pro-life movement, a brief history and overview of National Teens for Life (www.nrlc.org) and finally, your Teens for Life group, what it does, and why they should join. Don’t ramble, keep each point concise and to the point, while still keeping the mood from becoming too serious.

The Recruitment leader should create a local Teens for Life pamphlet. It should include:

Fun Layout!

Moving or motivational pictures.

Brief, sensational segments of information about abortion.

Information about your group and what it does.

Links for more information.

Contact information of one person (probably the president).

Put when and where for meetings and events in the “community events” section of the local newspapers.

Word of Mouth! Elect members of your group to be “ambassadors” to their schools, churches and clubs for Teens for Life. Their job is to tell other teens about teens for life and get them interested and aware.

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