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Write A Paper

The ability to organize and express your thoughts clearly and eloquently on paper will help you become a compelling advocate for life. Chances are, you will have numerous opportunities in high school, in college, and in your career to use the power of the written word to get your point across.

Not confident in your writing skills? Don’t sweat it. With some addition to some tried and true tips, you can be preparing reports and essays that will earn high marks while and build your confidence. Here are a few easy-to-follow tips to follow:

Make sure you understand a writing assignment completely before you get started. If your teacher wants a one thousand word essay, that’s what she expects from you. If you don’t understand the expectations, ask for clarification. Oh, by the way — teachers catch on in a hurry if you’re just trying to insert “filler” to reach your quota!

Don’t put it off. Believe it or not, some teens actually wait until the last minute to get started on a project. Word to the wise – starting a paper at 10 pm on the night before it’s due is probably not a great idea. Get started strong and get done early.

Do the research. There is more information at your fingertips than at any previous time in human history. Take it as a challenge and pull together data from as many sources as is reasonable. Have fun with it and see just how in-depth you can go. Remember, your goal is excellence – not just “getting by”.

Be open for criticism. You need someone else with a good eye for style, grammar, and ability to give your paper a once-over before you start the final draft. Be prepared to take some criticism and remember it’s personal. If someone else does not follow what you are saying, you need to make some adjustments. This does not mean that you have to wear a “kick me” sign on your back, but it does mean that you must be mature enough to understand that your writing will grow as you accept pointers and suggestions.

Conclude with clarity. Your paper is done, but does it wrap up well? Too many times, papers end abruptly or without making sense. Take your paper as a whole and ask yourself: does this ending summarize my thoughts and establish my conclusions? If not, it’s back to the keyboard.

For more pointers, visit the handy homework center website.